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As according to CCPA, consumers have the right to opt out of the sale purchase of their personal information. Here at Xtopnotch, we practice these rights religiously and so we have our ‘Do Not Sell My Information’ page. As we are a hundred percent committed to our clients we provide this link. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Xtopnotch does not sell any information that directly identifies our clients’ identity. It includes name, address, social security number, banking Information, and/or phone records. For the matter of fact, any sorts of information is not sold or shared through any hidden means. The information which we might share would be with our service providers who use the information solely for the purpose of merchandise delivery, to provide our satisfactory services. We reasonably ensure the security via contract that the third parties described above can and will utilize only for the purpose to provide the specific service we have requested. In most cases, we have detected that our data analytics providers that measure the ways users engage with our websites. It meets this standard and, accordingly, we will not block the sharing of an identifier with those entities even when you choose to opt-out through the “Do Not Sell” link.


The commitment to not share your information means that we will block any third party intervention from further sharing in any way or any other entity that does not fall within the service provider exception or the consumer directed exception. Through this pledge we assure no misuse or attempts for further tracking your sensitive data through any means.

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