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Payments Methods and Policies

Xtopnotch allows the customers and clients to use various methods and ways of accepting payments. Our clients can pay with and accept order payments through the credit and debit cards, bank transfer services and PayPal. According to this policy, your rights and obligations during Xtopnotch payments are explained.

The policy of payment methods is a part of our Terms of Use.

The facilities that we provide for our clients for payments can be availed through any major credit or debit cards, PayPal and certain bank transfer accepted by Xtopnotch.  Xtopnotch makes sure to make payments as easy as possible for our clients. These methods enable Xtopnotch to work about more effective and efficient to make payment transfer hassle free. Such ways also helps us to reduce fraud and other types of misuse of the payments for our orders.

Moreover, Xtopnotch have all the rights to refuse payments to anyone whenever and for whatever reason

Xtopnotch also reserves the right to reject OR decline a refund a transaction which the company believes to be fraudulent, at risk or violation of any sorts.

All of our orders are to charge value added tax (VAT)

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