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Here’s Your Guide to Plan Your Dream Outdoor Wedding

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

There is something so magical about an outdoor wedding that it truly dwells a ceremony to escalate as an event. Outdoor weddings can be ranged from having them on beautiful ocean shore, in the comfort of your backyard or even a beautiful botanical garden. However the amount of work that is put into making an outdoor event perfect, specifically a wedding; is astounding. The location, to the lighting and the menu everything needs to be balanced perfectly.

Choosing a Location

First things first, you need to think and select where you are going to get married. There are several options to choose from according to your taste. If you’re a city person and you love the idea of a breathtaking skyline view from your city, the destination examples could be on a patio, or a beautiful farm or even an open garden.

Site Visit

Make sure that you visit the site with your vendors and an event planner ahead of time. They need to look at the area to figure out the necessary requirements to put together the event.


When it comes to an outdoor wedding, you will obviously need an overhead cover. They come in all shapes and sizes, they have different styles with different fabrics for them. You can choose to go for something glamorously fancy, cool and casual or something formal but elegant that fits your style and the vision you have for your big day. It’s also important to keep your venue’s capacity in mind while selecting a certain type. Also, make sure that the tent you’re choosing is a good choice for the surface; grass, sand, pavement to mention a few.

Take Note of the Weather

While choosing a day for your big day, keep the weather in your mind. While the idea of having a summer outdoor wedding seems lovely, you have to take a few precautions for it. For a summer wedding, prepare portable air conditioners and fans to keep your guests away from the summer heat. Similarly, for wedding in a cooler weather you might need to get some portable heaters out and about to keep your guests from getting cold. If the place you’re having your wedding in is known for its inconsistent weather, make sure you make it weatherproof. While the sturdiest tents can’t withstand heavy rains or strong winds, it is better to have a plan B as a backup plan – An indoor setup that is sufficient enough.

Details, Details, Details!

After the tents come the extra touches to make it even better. There are bunch of things you’ll be going through after that. Get a customized arbor to say your vows to each other – The design, the tables and chairs. Think if you’re going to go with a certain theme. There are so many options available. Curtains—their color, texture, material. Tablecloth or no tablecloth. Choose a beautiful center piece to put on the tables; it can be crystal, flower bouquet or a lamp. Select the important bit and see if it fits right into your budget.

Make it More Special

Whatever sites you have chosen for the big day make sure you have something comfy for the guests. Some couches or plush chairs and lots of soft pillows – it’ll make the whole place more inviting and warm for your guests. If you don’t have enough space to bring in couches make the dining are a bit small and intimate. Rather than having larger tables make it a table for four person to give it a more welcoming feel.

The Right Lighting

The whole aesthetic of an event depends on the correct lighting. Set the tone and add fairy lights, chandeliers, paper lanterns, lit up mason jars or even small scented candles would work wonders.

Get Creative with the Menu

The good thing about having an outdoor wedding is you can customize your menu yourself. Whatever you decide to have, make sure it’s appropriate for the weather. You can have refreshing non-alcoholic drinks or lemonade, if the weather is hot. You can go for coffee or tea if the weather is a bit chillier.

Turn the Music On!

Choose the right kind of music that goes with the venue. For a beach wedding, you might want to go with something folk. For a backyard wedding, you might want to go with some country music – Or you could just go with your own playlist and mix it up and have some fun. You could hire a band or a DJ but make sure they have all their equipment set and ready to go. Figure out the places for the dance floor and the band or DJ.

Don’t Let Your Guests Get Bored

Arrange a few games to keep them entertained. Get a small section where you can set up a few games for the people. Jenga is something everyone would enjoy. Ringtoss, cornhole and I spy - which is quite similar to a scavenger hunt is a very fun game for the guests and the happy couple.

Wishing you a great day!

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