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Top Seven Bridal Accessories to Complete Your Wedding Dress

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

From Bridal headpiece, sparkly hair comb to statement crystal earrings, we have sorted a list of seven accessories for your wedding dress.

Every woman dreams of her big day to be perfect and memorable for the rest of her life. Knowing that the wedding day comes with a roller coaster of emotions and a checklist to complete, from invitations to destination to wedding cake and let’s not forget the look. You may forget other details of the day but one thing which is going to stay with you, after the vows, is your look for the day. Choosing a dress can be difficult but completing that look can be even more challenging. A complete look does not only include a veil and matching shoes but it comes with a whole list of accessories that can rock your wedding gown. To save you from hours of window shopping or online surfing here are top 7 accessories to match with your wedding dress.

Starting from your big day’s hair style, whether you decide to put them in a bun or simply down on your shoulder a hair accessory will always enhance the look and make your hairstyle even more prominent.

Messy buns are the hot talk of hair town and nothing beats the marriage of a bun with an elegant bridal hair comb. If you are looking for something basic for your bun but you want to add soft and colorful pop to it, flowers can never be out of fashion. Whereas, experimenting with classic studs and pearls a hair comb never fails in elegance menu, we recommend 7 categories max.

They say that fashion keeps rotating and in a classy themed wedding nothing can beat 90’s inspired looks and barrettes definitely spell classy otherwise. A little sparkle hurts nobody, and it will ever be old fashioned to wear fancy hair clips with a beautiful gown. A shimmery hair clip will highlight your hair with any up-do at all. These little barrettes are perfect match for the brides having their hair open as well especially if you have an open air ceremony.

Your wedding band may be the most essential jewelry for your wedding but adding other accessories might just go with how your dress is. If you have heavy neckline embroidery on your dress then you might want to add a balance to your ears with signature earrings to complete the look. Heavy designer earrings can be chosen perhaps with different colored stones to add that color pop to your white dress or sticking with the glamorous diamond stones can be as classy too. However, a necklace with a heavy neckline work on a wedding dress might be over killing.

Although, to add details to your neck we would highly recommend necklaces for wedding dresses which are off-shoulder or have a deep neckline. You can choose pearly whites, stones, simple crystal necklaces for just about any design. Necklaces add beauty to a dress like anything as it enhances your neck area and stone sparkles can never fail any look just like this double side back and front necklace from Topnotch Jewelry store.

Another important jewelry has to be something for your delicate hands so that while you are holding the bouquet your wrists sparkle with the bracelet of your choice for the day. Crystal silver bracelets can be a smart choice or any stone that goes with the rest of the jewelry that you will be wearing.

Another accessory that has made to our list is a bridal belt, not only a belt will add a layer of detail to your gown but it is perfect for waist fitting to look flawless too. Can have a variety of option from laced silk sash or an elegant crystal belt, the choice is for you to choose.

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